Jackie Schmaltz

I'm on a mission....

...... to help single income families make ends meet without having to work outside the home, using the exact system that got my existing online business unstuck and got my new businesses off the ground, bringing in income at lightning speed, creating impact along the way....all from home.

In this Course You will learn:
-How to find your talent.....that thing that sets you apart from anyone else doing what you do.
- How to find your people that you can help and how to actually help them.
- How to set up a whole online system that works together to bring those people to you so you can help them, while saving you time and money in the process.
- everything you need to know to shorten your learning curve so you can get going faster than trying to learn it all on your own...making costly mistakes along the way.

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Meet Jackie Schmaltz

Hi! I'm Jackie Schmaltz, a ND farm wife, mom of 3, entrepreneur and wellness enthusiast. I love helping other moms live their healthiest, happiest, purpose-driven, best lives ever; even when they think they're too overwhelmed and busy. I have already helped thousands achieve this, and I'm ready to help you!

When I look back on my own journey that started 10 years ago and remember where I was and the struggles I was dealing with daily…..low energy, sick all the time, super bad digestive issues like chronic constipation and serious stomach pains, and oh yeah…I was broke too. 😉 But then something amazing happened….I found a solution….a better way of doing life! Along this journey I got pregnant with my first child (on purpose). And as any mother knows…..you want to do everything in your power to give your child the best life possible. So for me, that meant taking my health seriously and getting my bank account on track too (without having to get a "real job"). That was 10 years ago and friends, I have NOT looked back since!

Through lots of trial and error (and A LOT of reading and mentorship!), along with implementing some key principles into my everyday routine….I finally figured out what worked for ME and how I want to live. And now? Well let's just say it's a whole new ballgame……..my energy is through the roof most days, my digestion is 100% normal (no more pain!!), AND……..I've even managed to get out of debt and live financially independent in case something were to ever happen to my husband. So believe me when I say: it IS possible to find YOUR savvy life……you just need someone who has been there before to help guide you on your journey!

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