Your Digital Sheep Records Await!
Experience the convenience and accuracy of having your sheep records right at your fingertips from any device, anywhere in one shot. No more random notepads or record books floating around the farm truck or buried on the kitchen table. Keep years worth of records in one spot. No more setting aside time to do data entry, transferring your paper records to your computer. Get it all done in the field or barn, right in the moment, and be DONE with the task of records keeping. 

The spreadsheets include pages for....
- individual animal profiles
- lambing records
- medication records (deworming, vaccinations, etc)
- sale/death records
- pages can be added for each new year, expanded to add more animals, deleted when outdated.

This is a running history of your legacy program....right at your fingertips.

- Easily search the spreadsheet to find a specific animal ID.

Created by a working sheep operation to include practical markers, but can be customized to suit all record-keeping needs. 

Download your copy today and be DONE with the headache of animal record keeping and the organization of it all.

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