Most Delicious Easy Homemade Custard

 Most Delicious Easy Homemade Custard

Indulge in the ultimate homemade custard experience with my glorious Vanilla Custard recipe! Made from scratch with simple household ingredients, this delectable treat is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. No special equipment required—just follow my easy instructions for creamy perfection every time. Plus, discover how to transform it into irresistible chocolate custard. Say goodbye to store-bought pudding cups and hello to affordable, flavorful, and healthier alternatives. Join us on a journey of culinary delight as we explore the joys of homemade goodness together. Don't miss out—try it today!


How to Make Almond Milk & Why

How to Make Almond Milk & Why
Discover how easy and cost-effective it is to make your own almond milk in this blog post. With the skyrocketing prices of store-bought almond milks, making your own is a smart alternative. Not only does it save you money, but it also allows you to control the ingredients. Unlike commercial almond milks loaded with additives and sugars, homemade almond milk is a healthy and clean option. It is lower in calories and carbs, higher in calcium, and has less inflammatory effects than dairy milk. Plus, it's super easy to make! Simply soak raw almonds, blend them with filtered water, strain, and enjoy. Consider adding vanilla extract or natural sweeteners like dates or honey for added flavor. Use your homemade almond milk in cereal, baking recipes, coffee, smoothies, and more. Don't forget to save the solids for recipes. Join the online community for more savvy swaps like this one. Start making your own almond milk today and experience the benefits.

Paleo Almond Balls

Paleo Almond Balls
In the journey to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both me and my family, I share how substituting traditional desserts with healthier options can significantly affect one's well-being. Through my own personal struggle with gut issues, I have discovered recipes like these delightful Almond Balls, which not only cater to dietary preferences like gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free but also prove that healthy eating doesn't have to compromise on taste. These Almond Balls are a testament to dessert recipes that are not only nutritious but also delicious, fitting into a variety of diets including Paleo and vegan.

The recipe provided for Almond Balls is simple and made with ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil, and vanilla extract for the filling, and cocoa nibs or chocolate chips for the chocolate coating. This dessert option showcases that satisfying a sweet tooth can still align with healthy eating habits. The suggestion to add natural sweeteners for those who prefer a sweeter taste, maintaining the dessert's health benefits, reflects a flexible approach to health-conscious desserts.

Furthermore, I highlight the positive impacts of participating in an 11-Day Jumpstart, emphasizing how it has revolutionized my health by reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels, and aiding in weight loss. This experience, along with the success of incorporating healthy desserts into my family's diet, encapsulates the broader message of making health-focused changes that are both achievable and enjoyable. The encouragement to join the Swap It Savvy community extends an invitation to others seeking a supportive environment for making healthier lifestyle choices.

How to Drink More Water: without having to pee constantly or feel water logged

How to Drink More Water: without having to pee constantly or feel water logged
Hydration is a key component of our health and well-being, impacting everything from our physical condition to our mental state. Recognizing that each body has unique needs, it's vital to understand how much water you should be consuming daily, which can vary based on individual factors such as activity level and overall health. Adding dietary supplements approved for hydration, like certain essential oils or antioxidant juices, can enhance the taste of water and contribute positively to our hydration goals, making the experience enjoyable and refreshing.

To ensure that our bodies effectively use the water we consume, adding minerals and electrolytes can be a game-changer, especially for those who feel thirsty even after drinking ample amounts of water. These hydration enhancers play a crucial role in cellular nourishment and preventing the overwhelming of our systems, by guiding water to where it's most needed. Opting for clean, quality products without artificial additives is crucial for achieving deep and lasting hydration, with recommended options like vitality drops and ionized mineral supplements that can be mixed with antioxidant-rich juices.

Moreover, addressing concerns like frequent trips to the bathroom post-hydration, suggests looking into our digestive health as a potential underlying issue. A gentle colon scrub, as opposed to harsh cleanses, can significantly improve our body's water absorption efficiency. This holistic approach to hydration emphasizes the importance of listening to our bodies and making adjustments that go beyond just increasing water intake, ensuring that our hydration efforts are truly beneficial and support our overall health and well-being.

The Health Crisis That is Effecting Everyone, But No One is Talking About

Did you know there is a health crisis in our world caused by these microscopic organisms that are often overlooked by doctors, yet they can lead to auto-immune diseases, cancer, mental health problems, and more. Research suggests that one in three people may be infected. They cause inflammation and steal nutrients from your body. From weight gain to irregular sleeping patterns to mood changes, these little nasties can wreak havoc on your health. If you want to safely eliminate parasites from your body, there is a free program available to guide you through the process. Just join the Swap It Savvy group and say, "I want parasites GONE!" Let's get rid of these creepy crawlies and restore our health!

Hormone Balancing Power of the Sweet Potato

Hormone Balancing Power of the Sweet Potato
So, ever since I started doing 11 Day Jumpstarts , an 11-day protocol that trains the body to flush inflammation, leaving you feeling energized and amazing while weight falls off, I’ve been turned on to sweet potatoes. Pretty sure they are my new favorite food.

And then I discovered why my body craves them so much this week. Wanna know? Read the Blog.

I'll give you a has to do with my cycle. 

Discover the Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes | Busy Women's Wellness

Discover the Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

An insightful exploration of the amazing health benefits of sweet potatoes and why they're essential for busy women seeking sustainable energy and wellness.

Lower Glycemic Response

Sweet potatoes offer a lower glycemic response compared to regular potatoes, making them ideal for maintaining steady blood glucose levels and sustainable energy throughout the day.

Join our community for more savvy life hacks and wellness wisdom!

Never Underestimate the Power of Sleep for Optimal Brain Function

Never Underestimate the Power of Sleep for Optimal Brain Function
Discover the Secret to Better Sleep and Transform Your Health in Just 11 Days

Are you ready to take control of your brain function and supercharge your overall well-being? It's as easy as a good night's sleep. Did I say easy? I meant simple. We all know sleep doesn't always come so easy. Read on for help with that too. 

Did you know that when you're in REM and deep sleep patterns, your body undergoes a remarkable process of repair and rejuvenation? Yes! Rest and repair right? Around 80% of the healing process happens in the deepest of sleeps. Your tissues are repaired and regrown, your bones and muscles are strengthened, and your immune system receives a much-needed boost. But sleep is also a game-changer for your brain.

During those blissful hours of deepest shut-eye, your brain wrings itself out like a sponge, expelling all the toxins accumulated during the day into the cerebrospinal fluid. Those toxins are then whisked away by your arteries, ensuring that your brain remains fresh and primed for peak performance. By allowing your brain to rid itself of these toxins, you can combat memory loss, lack of focus, and even reduce your risk of Alzheimer's and dementia. Simply put, sleep is a big deal.

But how do you unlock the full potential of sleep and experience its transformative effects? How do you achieve that good healing deep sleep? 

Look no further than right HERE 
This incredible system was designed to help you transform your health and harness the power of magical sleep in just 11 days.

Imagine waking up each morning with a clear mind, razor-sharp focus, and a renewed sense of vitality. With THESE proven techniques and expert guidance, you'll establish the best sleep that will revolutionize your life. Say goodbye to tossing and turning, and hello to restful nights filled with deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your brain function, boost your memory and focus, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. THIS is the key to unlocking the life-changing benefits of quality sleep, sustainable energy, and rock solid health. Oh! I forgot to mention it's free! You'll just need to grab a few supplies to do the protocol.  

But don't take my word for it...... the proof is in the pudding....or whatever..... here is a screenshot of my sleep report just 4 days in. 

So are you ready to embark on this incredible journey with me?  CLICK HERE now to learn more about this incredible protocol and secure your spot today so you too can enjoy the best sleep of your life.....naturally!

For a community filled with Savvy tips to help you do life better, join us HERE. We'd love to have you!

Oh and I know you're going to ask me about the supplies needed so HERE'S that too. 


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Got Period Problems?

Got Period Problems?
Got period problems?

Chronic inflammation could be the main reason for your period problems…or any cycle-related fertility issues you’re experiencing.

Inflammation distorts hormonal communication. If you’ve taken my cycle tracking course you know there is a delicate communication process between the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries, and cervix that needs to go smoothly for successful ovulation…..which equals happy periods and regular cycles.

Chronic inflammation blocks hormone receptors; these are the holes in the cell that accept the proper molecules of nutrients like a key in a lock. If the receptor for estrogen or progesterone, or whatever, is blocked, the hormone cannot enter the cell and do its job. It is then left wandering in the blood stream where the hypothalamus will read its presence and not call for more, yet the cell never got it, so it will ask for more and be denied, and now we have a hormonal mess.

Chronic inflammation impairs estrogen metabolism….how estrogen is created, used, and eliminated. We need this process to go smoothly so we have estrogen available when we need it (for ovulation) and the used up estrogen is eliminated properly to keep the hormonal harmony on point. Cancer cells feed on estrogen, so we don’t want that stuff just hanging out willy nilly…ya know what I mean?

 Chronic inflammation prevents ovulation which prevents the production of progesterone, which can cause a host of issues such as heavy periods, infertility, miscarriage, depression, low libido, etc. It is our happy hormone.  And when we are low in progesterone, we get into a state of estrogen dominance which leads to even more disaster such as acne, weight gain, irritability, mid-cycle bleeding, etc.  

Your body sees inflammation as a stressor, and when stress is present, your cycles go wonky.

How do you know if you have chronic inflammation?
Look for signs such as headaches, joint pain and body aches, fatigue, brain fog, chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Chronic inflammation is something that occurs just by the body living….like car exhaust happens just from the motor running. It could also be the result of…
  • Stress - cortisol and adrenaline leave behind lots of car exhaust.
  • Insulin resistance - which we all have a degree of just by the way most of us eat. If you’re not actively aware of your blood sugar levels and your carb/sugar intake, you’re creating a lot of extra inflammation from the roller coastering blood glucose levels and insulin throughout your day.
  • Infection - It is normal and necessary to have an inflammatory response to an acute’s how the body heals, right? But, if you’ve got chronic infections happening, you’ve got a lot more chronic inflammation happening too. You’ll need more help clearing that out.
  • Environmental toxins - not just a factor for those who work in high fumes or hazardous work zones. The air quality in the average home is 7 times worse than the average factory or workplace air. This is due to the obscene amounts of fragrant products we use such as scented candles and sprays, perfumes, laundry products, soaps, lotions, face creams, hair products, cleaners, etc. The list is pretty long. Take inventory of how many products you have in your home that contain fragrance in them and you have a definitive source of inflammation.
  • Digestive problems - the gut is the core or hub of the body. If it’s sick, so is the rest of you. Most everyone has leaky gut issues and/or inefficient elimination…aka constipation for those who won’t acknowledge they are indeed constipated….. to some extent. Every single diagnoses involving the gut is leaking toxins into the bloodstream creating a nonstop inflammatory response that will manifest into countless other symptoms such as skin issues, cycle problems, heart issues, arthritis issues, literally EV…ER…Y….THIIIING you go see a doctor for.
Are you surprised by any of these? Tell me if you’re surprised!  

So what do we do?
Your strategy is to address the underlying cause of all your problems….chronic inflammation, and teach your body how to flush it out on a regular basis…without pharmaceutical drugs.

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Money-Saving Tips for the Garden

Money-Saving Tips for the Garden
Things I’ve stopped doing in the garden that save money.
With the rising cost of things these days, we’re all looking for ways to save money. Gardening in itself is a great way to save money, but I’ve gone even further to share my best tips for saving money in the garden. Check it out…..

1. Don’t buy fertilizer or bagged manure/compost. 
We live on a farm, so manure compost is abundant around here, but for those of you in the city or not on a farm you still have better options than buying bagged manure or pelleted fertilizers. Most farms are happy to let you fill a garbage can or pickup, etc for free, or at least a lower price than the stores. Maybe you have a neighbor with some chickens in the backyard? Ask them.

Composting is another great alternative. Composting is a natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient-rich food for your garden. It's easy to make and use. All organic matter eventually decomposes. In a compost pile, this process is accelerated by conditions created by the composting gardener (you). 
Use compost bins like THIS ONE to make the process more user friendly.       
2.  Stop buying seeds.
You won’t be able to do this entirely, but here are the things I no longer buy seeds for and how I do it.
  • Potatoes. Save the baby potatoes that are too small to bother with, or the ones that have gone soft or sprouted before you could eat them. They will store in a cool dry place in burlap or cardboard until you can plant them, and will yield potatoes as good as any seed potatoes you buy. I haven’t bought seed potatoes in 3 years (since discovering this trick). This year alone, my garden yielded almost 100 pounds of potatoes just from the tiny ones I saved from last year’s harvest or I bought but went bad. That’s a lot of money saved….and a lot of lefse’ to make and freeze. See how I do that in the next blog.
  • Tomatoes. I have the best luck with cherry tomatoes. They just come up voluntarily in my garden now and I let them. I also have random Roma and Heirlooms show up, but mostly cherry. So, you can leave the fruits fall in the ground and grow on their own, or if you don’t want your garden looking like a tomato jungle like mine did this year, save the seeds and plant them where you’d like them. I just remove the seeds and spread them on some scrap paper to dry and store them in a bag with a paper towel or napkin inside in case I don’t get them dried enough. You may notice the cherries may not be as sweet, but I use them in my sauces and such as normal tomatoes so sweetness isn’t an issue. And when you have more tomatoes than you know what to do with, I have an awesome-sauce recipe for sauces and salsa (haha), including the best sauce-making gadget around that cuts time by peeling and pitting your tomatoes for you. A must-have thing for my kitchen.
  • Green beans. No matter how good you check your plants at harvest time, you always miss a bean or ten and they get too big and seedy. I started leaving them on the vine to complete their seed-making process, then harvest the seeds to plant next season. Works great and I don’t feel bad about letting those beans go to waste.
  • Peas. Same as the beans.
  • Dill. Plant dill once and you’ll never have to buy seed again if you leave just one stem go to seed. You could even ask a friend for a stem of over-ripe dill to let dry and harvest the seed. The flowers turn to seed, so simply let the dill go to seed, and strip the seeds off. You’ll get hundreds from just one stem. I do this with cilantro and mint as well.
  • Onions. I just have the red (purple) spring onions in my garden now because they produce their own bulbs and keep planting themselves. I mean, a plant that plants itself is definitely what this busy mama needs in her life. Every onion bulb will grow a cluster of 4-6 more onion bulbs at the end of its stem. You can let the stem tip over and plant itself, or you can pick off the cluster of bulbs and plant them where you want them. I have planted the whole cluster as one and I have broken them apart to plant as single bulbs. Single bulbs tend to grow bigger, but if they are teeny-tiny, plant the cluster and split them when they get bigger.
  • Garlic. This one will take a few years to build up enough seed stock to be self sustaining, but every clove of garlic planted will give you a cluster of 4 or more cloves. I grow hard neck variety because I’m in zone 4. You will have some cloves that are giant and glorious, cook with those. The cloves that are smaller are the ones I save for planting. This year I tried an experiment that so far seems to be working well….if they survive our North Dakota winter. I let a few of my garlic scapes (the top flowers) go to seed and planted that. So far they are sprouting and creating mini bulbs. I expect them to sprout again in spring, but it’ll likely take 2 years before they are big enough to eat. If this experiment works out, I will have over 50 garlic bulbs to plant from my original 8 cloves I started with. (fingers crossed)
  • Peppers. Did you know you can transplant your pepper plants to a pot and bring them inside for the winter? I’ve done this with jalapenos and green bells, but any variety should do. There’s a special way to prune the plant I learned on YouTube. The idea is for the plant to go dormant, but mine didn’t go dormant, and in fact, kept giving me peppers all winter, and when I planted it back in the garden in spring it was LOADED all summer long. I currently have 10 pepper plants in my living room waiting to be replanted next spring. Good thing I learned a great way to pickle peppers this year. I should no longer need to buy jars of those anymore either. I'll share how in another blog (you may as well just subscribe below so you don't miss these).
  • Flowers. There are tons of flowers that you can harvest seeds from. A simple youtube search of the flowers you have will tell you if and how to get seeds from them. The easiest for beginners is the hardy Marigold. Simply let it dry out. Pluck the petals and there will be long skinny seeds. I currently have a million petunia seeds I harvested from the mother’s day basket my kids gave me in May. Ask your flower-loving friends to let you harvest some seeds to get you started. If they know about this trick, they’ll have plenty to share. If they don’t know, they’ll be happy for the tip.
There are tons of other plants you can harvest seeds from. This is just what I have personally done myself. I’d love for others to share their experiences in the comments as well. Now for my next tip....
3. Stop buying spinach. We LOVE spinach, but up here in ND, good, fresh spinach is hard to come by and a bit spendy. I was growing it in my garden, but found its yield to be not very rewarding compared to the bountiful harvests of the other things I grow. A packet of seeds barely gave us enough to enjoy for a month. It just goes to seed so fast. It yielded so little. It was not paying for itself. A friend of mine told me to use Swiss Chard instead, and gave me some to try. I will never plant spinach again. Instead I plant Swiss Chard and use it in everything I used to use spinach in. No one has been able to tell the difference. I used to need to plant 3 seed packets of spinach to get enough for my family to enjoy half the summer; approximately a $12 investment to yield barely what I could buy $3 at the grocery store. This year I planted half a packet of Swiss Chard. We ate on it all summer, and it’s now mid-October and I still have a gallon-sized baggie of it sitting crispy in my fridge. Its big leafy goodness just yields so much and stays fresh much longer. It is DEFINITELY a permanent add to my garden. Goodbye spinach.
4. Stop winging it from memory. I started keeping records because each spring I would spend too much time trying to figure out how much seed to buy to get the yields I needed. Then I would spend too much time in my garden trying to lay out a planting plan based on memory of how the year before went. I don’t have time for all that thinking and remembering and who wants to repeat epic fails? Creating journals is what I do, so when I couldn’t find a suitable garden journal to buy, I made one that suited my needs. One that doesn’t have a lot of extra stuff. Just plain and simple, easy to use, exactly what I want to record. Nothing more to sift through. It has space to plot how I laid out the garden plots, record what I planted, when I planted, and when it will be ready to harvest, and lots of note writing space to record anything different I did or need to do, what did well where, etc. There’s a companion plant chart for easy access too.  My garden has spots that are in partial shade and full sun. There is harder soil and soft. I also have 2 gardens, so recording which vegetables do better in which garden and where is helpful too. In my world, time is more precious than money, so taking a few seconds to jot a few notes that saves me hours of planning and trying to remember things year-to-year is a sound investment. Grab the journal HERE
So there you have it, the many ways to save money while still having a successful vegetable garden. By doing your own composting, harvesting seeds, and utilizing the right varieties of plants to fit your needs, you can reduce expenses. If you’re looking for even more advice and insights, make sure to check out the savvy living community. There you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks from individuals who have already put in countless hours of effort into maintaining beautiful gardens. So get out there and start reducing your gardening costs!

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How to lower Testosterone levels for Women

How to lower Testosterone levels for Women
High testosterone levels in women can cause problematic symptoms. Learn how you can lower your testosterone naturally and help restore balance to your hormones.

High testosterone levels in women can wreak havoc on both physical and emotional well-being. While it's important to consult with a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, there are simple natural lifestyle adjustments that can support hormonal balance. In this blog, we will explore ways to lower and support healthy testosterone levels for women, naturally.

Symptoms of high testosterone in women can include any of the following:
  • Darker, thicker facial hair
  • acne
  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • hair loss 
Some of the causes of higher-than-normal testosterone levels in women could include ovarian cysts, PCOS, hormonal contraception, or hormonal replacement therapy drugs.

Natural ways to lower testosterone and keep hormones balanced.
Hormonal balance relies heavily on a few common health practices.

1. Keeping the 3 main pathways of elimination open with a focus on gut health, liver cleansing, and lymphatic care. Part of this process is reducing your exposure to everyday toxins such as fragrance, household cleaners, pthalates, parabens, etc. to stop gumming up those pathways with junk we can avoid, so they can freely clear out the junk we can’t avoid. Check out some of my natural cleaning tips HERE.

2. Supporting the body with good whole food nutrition so it has the tools it needs to make the repairs and run the body as it was designed to run. Your car can’t run with dirty oil and watered-down gas, and your body won’t run smoothly with processed garbage, caffeine, and soft drinks. Keep reading for some testosterone-lowering go-to's.

3. Healthy physical activity to keep things flowing. Our blood flow has a pump (the heart) to move it along, but lymph does not. Lymph is like the underground sewage system that filters everything our skin comes into contact with, and it needs motion to move it on out. Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle allows opportunity for fat cells to form. Fat cells get in the way of a happy hormonal balance in many ways, and it's a real drag to carry around. Go for a walk! 

The below protocol addresses all of this.

FemiGen™ is a women’s balancing supplement that is my go-to for every female problem because I see the most results with it for cycle-related problems in my clients and family. I use this one myself daily, and regret it when I don’t. One of the main active ingredients is Licorice root which has shown in studies to reduce testosterone levels in women by 32% after one menstrual cycle, and men showed a decrease of 26% in just one week.

Omega Greens™ is another hormonal balancing staple. We need omegas to use the hormones properly. I find using Omega Greens™ further enhances my results with FemiGen™ when taken together. Studies have linked omega-3 fatty acids to decreasing testosterone.

Spearmint Essential oil when given to rats for 20 days resulted in reduced testosterone levels. I would add a drop of spearmint essential oil that is approved for internal use such as THIS ONE, to a 2-oz shot of this antioxidant-rich health juice called, Ningxia Red™. Ningxia Red™ is a superfood drink that flushes inflammation from the body, supports liver and kidney cleansing, and has the nutritional profile like none other for a whole-body health infusion. It is a daily staple to our health routine.

ICP™ to support colon clearing. It also has plant compounds that bind to testosterone to carry it out of the body and omega-3 fatty acids for the benefits listed above. If you want to supercharge the benefits of a clean colon, check out this article HERE

Walnuts and Almonds increase a protein that binds to testosterone, leading to a decrease in levels of free testosterone in the body. 
Flax seed can be added to almost anything including salads, smoothies, and oatmeal.

The WAVwatch, a sound wave therapy device that is a cutting-edge frequency healing technique that offers personalized healing sessions, targeting specific areas of the body and mind for optimal results, wherever and whenever you need. It uses specific sounds to assist the body in the re-tuning and re-alignment of bodily energy. It is the same technique doctors use in blasting kidney stones and some resonance imaging, only the WAVwatch uses specific frequencies to address specific issues. This personalized approach allows users to address their unique needs and experience the full benefits of sound healing in the convenience of a watchSet the watch to the hormone balancing soundtracks, sit back and relax. It comes with a 14-day money back guarantee to allow users to try it out risk free, but I assure you, you won’t want to give it up once you experience it. I have seen this watch work wonders in my own family and the many friends and clients I have shared it with. Use promo code SAVY100 to get $100 off. Check out more info, science and testimonies HERE

Remember, while high testosterone levels can be problematic, it's entirely possible to restore balance naturally. With a holistic approach and incorporating natural remedies with a few lifestyle adjustments, you can easily support your journey towards hormonal balance. Embrace the power of an integrative approach and unlock the path to wellness by grabbing all the nutritional tools HERE, so you can make this your healthiest year yet.  Oh and use promo code SHAREYL for 10% off your purchase. 

Be well friend! 


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My Best tips for stopping a panic attack fast: part 3

My Best tips for stopping a panic attack fast: part 3
This is part 3 to a 3-part series of practical tools to help you or your child cope with anxiety and panic disorder. Anxiety disorders take many forms and are prevalent in Americans, impacting 19% of adults and 7% of children. As a mom who understands the challenges firsthand, I want to share the most effective strategies we've discovered so you can find the support you need to navigate anxiety with confidence.

Anxiety is defined as the persistent, excessive fear or worry in situations that are not threatening. Symptoms take many forms and can include subtle symptoms like jitters, upset stomach, feeling tense, nervous, jumpy, agitated, anticipating danger, headache, inability to sleep and much more. Or it can be an obvious symptom like panic, pounding heart, nervous sweat diarrhea or nausea.

I’ve already shared 2 of our favorite ways to cope with my daughter’s panic attacks, but what do we do when she’s not at home and her irrational fears start creeping in at school? I can’t send her to school with my $500 sound frequency device and she’d probably get in trouble if she started chanting prayers or affirmations in the middle of class, right?

Our next most useful tool or tools, are top grade essential oils. There have been many studies showing that essential oils are effective as a natural remedy for anxiety or panic. They work in different ways,

1. Aromatherapy; the scent-memory-emotion connection. Simply put, you smell something, it reminds you of something, you then have an emotion to it. Find calming scents you love like lavender or vanilla.

2. They increase serotonin, a happy, feel-good hormone. Essential oils have been scientifically proven to significantly increase serotonin levels in the brain, and some decrease cortisol, the stress hormone.

3. At a deeper level, a top quality essential oil that still has its therapeutic properties intact because it was farmed organically, created in nature not in a lab, distilled properly, and has no added fillers to destroy its thousands of medicinal constituents work at a cellular level, restoring faulty DNA programming caused by unprocessed emotions during a past experience we had, with restored perfect programming. Obviously this is an extensive topic too deep for a blog, but I have spent several years studying in this area of emotional effects and clearing. It’s legit. Medicinal properties at a cellular level will only happen with the best of the best essential oils though. This is why knowing the source of your oil matters and a $5 bottle at Walmart will not do. Visit the only brand I will use HERE. Use promo code SHAREYL to get an extra 10% off. 

What and how do we use them?
The “how” is extremely easy. You can….

1. Diffuse them into the air with a diffuser or 4 oz spray bottle, using 5-10 drops of the oil.
2. Create a diluted roller to apply to your wrists, neck, shoulders, inhale. I like the 10mL size with 15-20 drops and a carrier oil such as V6® or sweet almond oil.
3. Let a few drops fall from the bottle into your palms, rub your palms together, then place your hands close to your nose, take 3 deep breathes inhaling the aroma. Be mindful of what you are feeling during this process. Does something in the body stir or shift? These are clues to be addressed of health and/or emotional matters. I then hit up my resource books to find the source of these issues so they can be cleared completely and forever. (off topic, I’d love to teach you how to do this, so reach out to me if you’d like to learn).

Now the what. 
What oils to use is a little more complicated only because there are so many choices and every person’s body, source of trouble, and reactions are different. Just know, you can't use the "wrong" oil, just maybe not the specific oil your body will react to best. Here are the most popular choices to get you started. 

1. Lavender. Lavender is probably the most well-known essential oil for calming and sleep. A quick Google search will show you it has been involved in several studies that have all concluded it to be beneficial. It is also widely available. Which means it is often a synthetic copycat version, so be careful about your source of this oil. Adulterated or perfume grade oil will have no physical effect, and only a slight emotional effect if you have a pleasant memory attached to the scent (aromatherapy) and are not sensitive to synthetic fragrance. If you want results, you need a true lavandula augustifolia that is unadulterated and properly distilled like THIS ONE.

2. Roman Chamomile is another widely known herb for its calming properties. The essential oil is even better. I actually like to pair this with my lavender for a less earthy scent. In fact, any of these oils I’m listing can be blended together in your own personal roller or diffuser blend.

3. Clary Sage has been scientifically proven to significantly increase serotonin levels and decrease cortisol levels *. People who are anxious often have low levels of serotonin and high cortisol levels. When serotonin is released, it makes you feel good. Cortisol is a hormone that’s secreted during stressful situations, so decreasing cortisol might help with your anxiety. 

4. Another cortisol stopping essential oil favorite is a trademarked blend from Young Living called Stress Away®. It literally melts the stress away, and smell soooo goooood.  

5. There are sedative oils like vetiver and valerian that can calm those anxious feelings and put you in a type of zen-chill mind. My favorite is a blend of these called RutaVala®.

This is just a short list of MANY essential oils that have calming effects. Sometimes the endless options can lead us to indecisive inaction. Meaning, we can’t decide what to use so we don’t use anything at all. That my friends is not helping you. At the very least, close your eyes and pick something. 

As someone who has a HUGE collection of essential oils, I often struggle with the overwhelm of what to use. I have another tool that is a health assessment bio scanner to help me out with this. It literally asks my body what it needs in the moment, and I get a report of body systems and emotions that are experiencing stress and a list of favorable products to support these problem areas. This valuable tool is super inexpensive (only $10/month) and has been a life savor for me as a mom dealing with babies who can’t always tell me what’s wrong. I have been using it for 11 years and I can vouch for its accuracy. It’s a little handheld device that runs from your smart phone. Super easy to use. You can learn more about it HERE. And later I’ll be sharing an incredible video of how oils and the iTovi squashed a panic attack instantly. Be sure to subscribe below so you don’t miss it.

There you have it. My top 3 best tools for anxiety and panic,
3. Essential oils

I hope this empowers you to take control of your emotions and stay on the path to living the savvy life!
If you’d like more tips on living better, join our community of savvy people HERE. We’d love to have you!

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My Best Tips for Stopping a Panic Attack Fast: part 2.

My Best Tips for Stopping a Panic Attack Fast: part 2.
If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety, fear, or panic, this blog series is here to help. I understand the challenges firsthand and share quick tips to navigate moments of panic. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, anxiety affects millions of Americans and 7% of children by age 21. This blog is meant to help parents dealing with a loved one suffering from anxiety without resorting to medication. I share stories and strategies that have worked for my family, aiming to provide reassurance and support for other parents on the frontlines of life. One tool we find helpful is a sound wave frequency device which has provided immediate comfort and control for my daughter during anxiety episodes. If you're interested, you can learn more about the device and even save $100 using the provided coupon code. Give these tips a try and see how they can make a difference in managing anxiety naturally.

My Best Tips to Stop a Panic Attack Fast

My Best Tips to Stop a Panic Attack Fast
If you struggle with emotions of anxiety, fear, or panic for known or unknown reasons, or are a parent with a child who struggles with irrational fears and anxiety, this blog series is for you. I fall into the category of parent. My child is prone to worry, fear, and irrational panic attacks that can be slowly built up to or come on like the flip of a switch. While this topic is much broader than one blog can cover, I wanted to share some quick tips I’ve learned in the heat of the battle that have been a TREMENDOUS help in those moments of panic in a series of blogs to which I will link below as they post. And before I forget, I have a gift for you at the end. 

First off, logic and reason are thrown out the window when a panic attack occurs. My logic-based way of thinking was totally useless when my daughter started these episodes of panic and I thought I could just tell her she was fine. When I couldn’t talk my child out of her worry and irrational fear I was totally left at a loss for what to. One incidence in particular was a breakthrough moment for us.

Many of her panic attacks occur before bedtime. This particular night she was certain everything in her room turned into a scary monster the moment the lights turned off. But it inspired me to point out the lies in her head, which led to a beautifully empowering conversation of faith that built confidence in her overall demeanor.

Here’s how it went……

Seven year-old girl tells me everything is scary. This is obviously not true, but she’s not hearing any of it because to her it absolutely IS true. So I point out that her pillow is not scary, her stuffy is not scary, etc, etc. To which she did agree, but still insisted everything is scary. So once again I pointed out this is a lie, and then I said, “Do you know where these lies in your head are coming from?” 

She shook her head no.

“They come from the devil. He whispers these things of nonsense to keep you scared because he’s like a naughty brother trying to make you upset. He does this because he knows if he can keep you afraid of silly things like your toy horse barn, he can control you and keep you from being your best self. But, you’re the daughter of a King, and the devil is not allowed here. Did you know that just saying the name of Jesus makes the devil scream and run away scared?”

She shook her head with a smile now on her tear-soaked face.
I continued, “So, whenever you feel scared….you just say ‘get away satan! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior now and forever!’ And, that naughty devil HAS TO run away and leave you alone. Should we try it?”

She eagerly nodded YES!

So we said the words together and I kid you not, a weight lifted from BOTH our shoulders.

She went further with it and confidently said, “the devil has no control over me! He is not allowed near me!”

The energy in the room was lightened and we both went to sleep with a smile. Once again, my faith had saved me.

Sometime later, we were having a rather cheerful bedtime routine where I tucked the kids in with the usual hug and kiss goodnight after saying some prayers. My daughter forgot “this”, and then she forgot “that”, and then she forgot to go potty, so went to do that, and in an instant her bubbliness flipped to panic where she can’t catch her breath and the tears start to flow and she can’t even speak to tell me what’s wrong, and I was just like “not again! What could possibly be wrong now?” In my head of course.

Again, logic and reason weren’t being heard. I knew most of the issue was being over-tired. It was past a decent bedtime, and I was totally to blame for that, but HOW WAS I GOING TO STOP THIS MADNESS AND GET SOME SLEEP!

It popped into my head to tell her Jesus loves her. That caught her attention enough to hear me and be perceptive to what I was saying, so I had her say it too….and it was hard for her. It was hard for a 7-year-old girl who loves Jesus to say the words, “Jesus loves me.” That didn’t seem right to me. It was like something had a hold of her preventing her from saying it, so I stayed persistent. I kept repeating, “Jesus loves you. Say Jesus loves me” over and over. You might be thinking I’m crazy right now, but it was amazing to watch. She’d start to say “Je-“ and crying would take over. 

Try again, “Jes-“ more crying.

When she got the word “Jesus” out, she started squirming like she does when she’s nervous, being all wiggly like something was stirring inside her. 

And finally…..she got the whole thing out, a broken “Jesus loves me.” And I kid you not, she wiggled and squirmed and suddenly a calm came over her and her violent crying turned into soft sniffles. We said it again together a few more times for good measure. Each time the sniffling getting less and less and a smile appeared. It was like the whole thing never happened. She giddily jumped into bed. I kissed her goodnight and she was off to dreamland…and so was I. 

I’m sure this sounds kinda crazy to some, especially if you’re not real connected to your faith. I probably wouldn’t believe this if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand myself, watching these transformations in her right before my very eyes…on more than one occasion. But I assure you, spiritual battles are real, whether they are triggered by exhaustion or legit fear. A 5-second prayer can do wonders for the soul, for the atmosphere, and for everyone else involved. 

So, my #1 tip to stop a panic attack is to pray. Find a prayer that works for you. Pray to St. Michael, say the Our Father, simply tell the devil to get away in the name of Jesus Christ. IT WORKS! Whether you’re a believer or not, find a simple prayer for your situation. It’s so easy, yet so effective.

I find tools such as prayer journals and scripture-based coloring books to be super therapeutic. I just write out my thoughts and have a conversation with God through the pen. It’s amazing how you can feel His presence and even have Him guide your pen. The simple act of writing your thoughts on paper is a great way to release them or sort them out. My toughest decisions have been discerned through journaling at our church in Adoration. Just sitting in the quiet presence of God is grounding and good for the soul. 

I hope this was inspirational and helpful to you in your situation. If you have any helpful tips that have worked for you, I’d love it if you shared them with me. It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child… takes a village to do life well, and that’s what Savvy Living is all about. 

Jesus loves you friend!
Take Care! 


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A Natural Solution to Underarm Odor

A Natural Solution to Underarm Odor
Ladies, let's face it - we all struggle with the dreaded underarm odor. No matter how much we shower, how much or what kind of deodorant we use, it seems like we're always battling against stinky underarms. Well, fear not my friends because I have found the solution to all of our stinky problems…and it’s all-natural too.

When my favorite brand of natural deodorant went out of stock for forever, I was stuck searching for alternatives. I tried all the things and kept striking out. I even went back to my old toxic store brand. All that did was give me perfume-scented BO and a headache. *sad face*

FINALLY my favorite brand was back. I LOVED that deodorant, but I still noticed I had to apply it several times a day to control my stinky pits. I don’t have time for that! So my search continued.

A friend of mine suggested I try this unscented crystal deodorant she was using, so I did. WOW! Was I impressed! In one application to unshowered, already stinky pits, it neutralized my odor. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, through some record high summer temps, on a farm, or at the pool, and not once have I smelled anything from my pits! I apply once in the morning. Showered or not. It’s impressive. I use clean, unadulterated essential oils for fragrance when I want a scent; a dab under my arms, on my wrists, and behind my ears. Creating an essential oil body spray like this one works great too.  

So, what exactly is natural crystal deodorant? It's a deodorant made from mineral salts. Unlike conventional deodorants, the crystal deodorant does not mask odor, it eliminates it by forming an alkaline barrier that prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming. You can say goodbye to the headache-inducing smells of powdery perfumes and fake scents and welcome clean, natural aromas.

Unscented crystal deodorants do NOT contain any harsh chemicals like traditional deodorants do that can irritate our skin and lead to health concerns such as breast cancer, Alzheimer's and kidney problems.

Crystal deodorant is super easy to apply. All you do is wet the salt crystal and glide it across your underarms. The salt will immediately begin to form a protective barrier that will last all day long. Unlike the gunky, white residue that sticks to your clothes, natural crystal deodorant dries clear, leaving no marks or stains.

Traditional antiperspirants plug sweat glands and prevents sweat from escaping. These antiperspirants can block pores and even make you sweat more when it wears off. A natural crystal deodorant can be used every day without risk of staining, irritation or the health risks of a congested lymphatic system leading to clogged lymph nodes and cancers.

It's simple. Natural crystal deodorants can stop odor in two ways: kill the bacteria that cause the smell and create a barrier to make it harder for bacteria to grow. The minerals in a crystal deodorant are alkaline, which helps to balance the pH level of your skin, making it more difficult for odor-causing bacteria to grow. To use it, just wet the crystal, apply to your underarms and let it dry. That's it.

How Long Does It Last?
The truth is it can last all day and keep you fresh. That’s why I made the switch to using it over my other brand that I love, but had to reapply often. Natural crystal deodorants can last longer than sticks and sprays, so you will find that you don’t spend as much money in the long-run or end up throwing half-used chemically-laden products into the trash.

Natural crystal deodorant is a better, safer and extremely effective alternative to chemical-laden deodorants and antiperspirants. They are long-lasting, eliminating the need for multiple applications throughout the day. I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try. You might just find yourself saying goodbye to underarm odor for good…like I have.

Be well my friend!

By the way….if you like healthy alternatives like this, check out our community of savvy women sharing healthy alternatives to our favorite everyday life essentials on Facebook: Swap It Savvy.

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9 Ways to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes without Toxic Chemicals.

9 Ways to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes without Toxic Chemicals.
Summer is here, and with it comes the challenge of dealing with mosquitoes. However, there's no need to use toxic bug sprays that leave behind unpleasant residue. Instead, these solutions provide an effective, natural way to repel mosquitoes without harming your health and leaving you feel sticky and stinky with pesticide. 

Incorporating these natural solutions into your lifestyle ensures that you can enjoy your time outdoors without worries or compromising your health. Read about these tips and then join the Swap It Savvy Facebook community to learn more about incorporating natural solutions into your everyday life.
Outdoor Living, Essential Oils, DIY Mosquito Repellent, Natural Mosquito Repellent, Mosquito Repellent

The Best System to Keep Track of All Your Sheep Records Easily and Efficiently

The Best System to Keep Track of All Your Sheep Records Easily and Efficiently
With so much to manage on a farm, keeping your animal records often becomes unorganized and lackluster. Keeping records on each animal's health, breeding, and medications is crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy flock and mastering your breeding program. However, traditional pen and paper methods can be difficult to keep organized and easily accessible…even lost. This is where these digital spreadsheets come in – offering a streamlined and efficient way to keep track of your sheep records from wherever you’re at.

Benefits of keeping digital records….

1. Simplify Record Keeping
Digital spreadsheets are multi-functional and can be customized to fit your individual sheep record keeping needs. You can easily modify fields to track whatever information is necessary to meet your farm's needs. From lambing dates, weights, and health history, to vaccination and medication schedules, everything is all in one place. The beauty of these digital spreadsheets is that they're easy to update and share with farmhands or veterinarians. This way, you can record data in real-time, keeping everyone you choose to give access in the loop.
2. Analyze Data
Digital spreadsheets can also offer useful insights into your flock's performance. By aggregating data on wool production, lambing dates, and breeding success rates, you can make informed decisions on breeding and culling practices. With the power of data analysis at your fingertips, you can ensure your flock is as productive as possible and your breeding seasons run smoothly with less complications.
3. Time-Saving
Pen and paper record keeping is a tedious process when you’re looking for a specific animal or detail. Transferring paper records onto a computer spreadsheet where you can do a search for these things takes extra time. These Spreadsheets will save you time, reduce frustration, and free up more of your valuable resources.
4. Cost-Effective
Unlike custom-made software that can be expensive, these digital spreadsheets offer a low-cost alternative for tracking and managing sheep records. They're also less complicated than some other farm management software on the market. If you can run Microsoft Excel or Google sheets at their simplest functions, you can manage these spreadsheets, and these digital spreadsheets come with a complete lesson on how to use them.
5. Secure and Accessible
One of the best aspects of these digital spreadsheets is the access you have to them along with the security they offer. With saved files in the cloud, you can access them from anywhere or any device with an internet connection, making it easy to share files with other farmworkers who have the link as well. They're also more secure than handwritten notes as they can be password-protected and can only be accessed by those authorized to do so.
Keeping track of sheep records can be a daunting task for farm operators. However, these digital spreadsheets could be the solution you need to streamline the record keeping process. With its convenience, time-saving, cost-effective nature, and overall effectiveness, you can ensure that sheep record keeping on your farm is smooth and efficient. Customize each field to track only what you want and make record keeping a breeze. These spreadsheets come with complete instructions on how to access them from any device, do simple data entry, customize fields, expand existing pages, and add new pages, so anyone can easily use this system regardless how “tech-savvy” they are.

Grab your spreadsheets HERE so you too can have an easy and convenient system for keeping track of your sheep program records.

If you'd like to connect with us on FB, follow our page, Schmaltz Ranch or join my group for farm wives here. 
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My Simple Strategy to Calm IBS Naturally.

My Simple Strategy to Calm IBS Naturally.
Do you struggle with IBS? You are not alone. Millions of people all over the world experience the symptoms that come along with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Though it can be a very challenging condition to manage and treat, there is hope for finding relief and calming IBS naturally. This post will share my own journey with IBS, an effective strategy for managing the symptoms, and how to practice self-care so you can feel your best!

I’ve been really focusing on taking care of myself these past few weeks as we’ve been really busy with calving and the normal day-to-day around here. The last thing I need is to be run down, sick, or in any sort of pain from my IBS. I’ve got a large toolbox for this, but today I’m going to share about a device that we are really loving here at the Ranch for all kinds of things, including my IBS. It's a soundwave frequency watch.

I learned about it from a friend who had a dramatic life-changing experience with the watch and her Belle's Palsy. Another friend found relief from carpal tunnel. These were just some of the examples of why I decided to try the device that looks like an oversized watch for myself.  When people ask me about it and I share what it does, everyone wants one. Here is just another reason why....

Last night I ran the Digestive folder. I set it to IBS and let it run through the whole list. My tummy wasn’t really bothering me too bad, just a little discomfort that is normal for me this time of night, especially on a day I eat donuts….which was yesterday.

Within minutes of turning the watch on, my tummy went from quiet and stagnant (the cause of the inflammation causing the mild pain I experience) to active and moving. Like it was just woke up from a nap and realized it had a job to do. It was very soothing to feel things start to gently move along. Not in a way that had me needing to go to the bathroom, but just in a soothing, comfortable way of healthy functioning digestion that wasn’t happening prior to turning the watch on. After a few minutes I could feel pressure going across my transverse colon. This is usually the source of my worst pain when I have flare ups and it was a bit uncomfortable. But then, I felt the pressure shift and was completely relieved. It all happened within about 15 minutes, and it felt so good.

This is definitely a setting I will be running daily. In fact, I have it on now and am experiencing the same feel-good movements happening in my gut. I think I’ll help the process along by making sure I take my enzymes and probiotic today. I’m not always good about that and they too make such a HUGE difference in my gut health journey. (which you can read more on that and why gut health matters HERE).

This watch has been such a blessing in my life; from general achiness to stress relief and immune support, helping my little one fall asleep, I just can’t say enough good things about it. I learned that it works by using frequencies – sounds. The same soundwave technology that is used to blast away kidney stones, only in a much more controlled and calculated method.

You can get a watch for yourself HERE, and you are welcome to use my referral code SAVY100 to get yourself $100 off if you like to save money like me.

If you’d like to see more information, scientific studies, and testimonials on the watch, you can do that HERE or hit the “contact me” button and we can talk about things. I wouldn’t wait long though, these things go out of stock FAST as they are taking the world by STORM.

Don't let IBS slow you down and keep you from enjoying life. Regain control naturally with WavWatch and other tools I share about in my gut health guide. You deserve the Savvy Life.
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All the emotions before 9am.

All the emotions before 9am.
It’s only 9 A.M. here at the Schmaltz Ranch and I’ve already gone from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.
My day started with excitement as I saw my unicorn-themed coloring book had finally been published. A project I put a lot of work into and it ended up being a technical pain in my rear trying to get it published. I guess the third time was the charm for all the margin settings to finally work. Anyway, it’s always exciting to see my work on Amazon. See it for yourself HERE if you’d like.

The excitement was short-lived though as I headed outside to do morning cow check and chores. It’s never fun finding a dead animal, but knowing this one was likely my fault is even harder. A mama had her calf in the sub-zero temps, likely early this morning, and I didn’t see the signs… which caused me to skip the 5 am check and head out after getting the kids off to school at 8. Who knows if it would have made a difference had I checked at 5 or not. It certainly would have increased the odds though, and I was mad at myself for it.

The feelings of shame and disappointment were heavy on my shoulders as I broke the news to my husband. I could tell he was disappointed, but I think he could see how upset I was too. He didn’t push any blame on me, though I could feel it on his words when he asked when the last time I checked was, and schooled me on what I was looking for when I do these checks. Knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two different things though, and I am pretty green to this cow midwifery thing.

I’m sure he blamed himself a bit too. He wasn’t here because he also works a full time job which he was snowed in at all weekend, leaving me with a LOT. This was just one of the constant reminders for him that it’s hard to do both….near impossible actually. But, he pushes on and we do our best.

The year 2022 is actually my first year really being involved in the farming to-dos. I’ve always taken a passive role as back-up chore person. All I’ve really ever done is fill waters and throw a little hay out. Once in awhile I had to help with lambing, and the chickens were mine, but that’s it. The house and the kids were my territory and the men took care of the farm stuff.

What changed this year was that my father-in-law’s health declined. He was suddenly unable to work the farm life anymore and I had to step into his role as primary chore person and my husband’s right-hand-man…err woman. I prefer my passive role, but my husband needs me, so here I am…..trying.

Most days I do pretty well. I mean, I’ve made it through 3 historical blizzards on my own with 3 kids and some 100 head of animals, while he was snowed in at work. I didn’t break anything or lose anyone. I call that winning.

But this time…I had a fail. I am grateful to have a loving, patient and understanding husband who saw I was sorry and did a great job at making me feel appreciated despite my failure. We were even able to steal away a moment to show each other how much we missed each other.

Such an emotional roller coaster this morning has been. I hope the rest of the day levels out to positivity, and the rest of the cows have their babies when my husband is HOME.
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What to do in seasons of burnout in your business

What to do in seasons of burnout in your business
If you’re feeling burnout in your business, don’t worry….you’re not alone. Burnout is that feeling when you’re ready to quit. You’ve had enough, you’re tired, overwhelmed, and you just feel like you cannot continue. You want to be done. There can be many reasons you feel this way, and it is totally normal. Statistically entrepreneurs go through burnout every 90 days, but I think it should be less often, so here is my best tip to ensure you make it THROUGH the season of burnout and don’t let it shut you down.

Focus on impact. 

Impact is your best motivator. Think about why you started your business in the first place? What does your business fulfill in you? What are your goals with your business? But dig deep. It can’t just be to make money. Money never satisfies anyone.

It can’t just be “to feed my family.” That’s virtuous enough, but it won’t always be strong enough to see you through the rough patches. You’ll forget what it’s like to struggle with feeding the family. I’m talkin huge impact, life-changing, motivators.

I just did an interview for our local newspaper about a Scripture-themed coloring book for women I published. When they asked me to do the interview, I thought “wow, they must be hard up for a story. How is a coloring book going to be interesting enough to put in the paper?” I told the reporter to go ahead and email me his questions and we’ll see if he finds my answers interesting enough for an interview and story. His questions were great. They were like what is Savvy Living and how does it help people, and what inspired me to create this coloring book, and what inspired my designs and theme. They really made me get in touch with the deep-down meaning of my business and the book. It wasn’t just a fun crafty idea I threw together. At its heart, it was a tool to help women accomplish a moment of quite, stress relief, and relaxation for better mental and physical health. It was a tool for the busy mom to nurture her relationship with the kids by helping her remain present in the moment instead of thinking about the laundry she could be folding instead of coloring with the kids. And it’s an invitation to give her relationship with God a little more attention, spending more time in prayer. 
It was so much more than just a pacifying coloring book, but I lost that meaning somewhere over time. I forgot how impactful such a simple thing could be for someone. Getting back in touch with the “why” behind the book and the impact I can have on the world through it sparked a strong motivation in me to get creating MORE.

So my best tip for you my burnt out friend is this….

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and ready to quit, dig deep and think about all the good you’re doing for people because the world needs all the help it can get. If you quit, we won’t have your gifts creating a positive impact to offset the negatives….and that would be a shame. The world is a better place because you’re in it. Make the most of your time here and keep up the good work.

P.S. if you’re feeling burnt out because you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, it’s likely you just need a new strategy or a fresh way to promote your business. Shoot me a message and let’s talk!
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Savvy Mama's Natural Wound Care

Savvy Mama's Natural Wound Care
I am SO impressed with how this cut progressed!
 This is my son's thumb. He's a man's man and in true 9-year-old-farm-boy fashion was working on a "project" with a pocket knife. He knows proper knife etiquette, but sometimes things just happen.
I could tell he was scared with all the blood gushing from it, but he was a trooper and let me work my mommy magic.
 I reached for the bottle of lavender essential oil that is always close by and let a drop fall directly on the cut. Within minutes it stopped bleeding so I could finally get a glimpse of how bad it looked (photo 1)…not as bad as I was thinking it was from the trail of blood he left on my beige carpet.

I put a drop of Helichrysum essential oil directly on the cut, and then I applied some of Young Living’s Rose Ointment to the band aid pads settling them directly on the cut, wrapped a layer of gauze around it, and a layer of self-adhesive bandage wrap around that. (My background of wrapping horse cuts coming in handy here).

I then went to work on the blood stained- carpet with my Thieves Household cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Thankfully the blood lifted right out without a trace left behind.

2. Next morning I was expecting a throbbing, swollen, red thumb and sad little boy. What I got was a tough guy that said it didn’t hurt, but an ugly looking cut that probably should have had stitches. No redness or swelling, or signs of infection. I figured it would take about 3 weeks for this to even start to close up given the placement of the cut on a mobile joint and the activity level of a 9-year-old farm boy.

He kept it wrapped during the day and each evening after supper he would unwrap it to let it air out. Before bed we let a drop of Helichrysum fall directly on the cut and put a good amount of Rose Ointment on the band aid pads so that it would squish into the cut. Wrapped it in a thin layer of gauze and a bit of self adhesive bandage wrap.

You can see by the pictures it progressed extremely well. I was astonished to see it closed up within days not weeks. It never had any redness or swelling. It never bled beyond that first night. He never complained of pain unless someone at school bumped it. He’ll likely have a scar, but I would have never thought it would be completely closed WITH NEW SKIN within just 7 days without stitches. That’s the power of essential oils.

Do some research on helichrysum and you’ll find that the plant has incredible healing powers. If it loses a limb it will grow a new one in just 7 days. That’s why I chose to use it in this predicament. The Rose Ointment also has healing oils such as tea tree and myrrh and was key to keeping the skin pliable so it didn’t crack open.

I am forever grateful for these gifts of nature. I hope you never need to use these tips, but if you do….I am confident that you will have as good of luck as we had with quick healing.

These items are staples in our home and first aid kits. I have created a QUICK LINK for you to find them easily in case you’d like to add them to yours.  

Be well and rest easy mama! You’ve got this!  
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