3 Steps to Better Cycles
We have an average of 420 cycles in a lifetime and every woman has a complaint about theirs. It's one thing or another, no matter what stage of life you're in.

Doctors try to fix everything with a Birth Control option, but this is like putting tape over your car's check engine light and calling it fixed. It doesn't address the root cause of the problem. And, more often than not, it creates more problems AND the original problem will return with a vengeance when the woman wants to get off the Birth Control later in life because the issue was never properly addressed in the first place.

It's really maddening when these 3 simple steps will address all issues for at least HALF of the women who try them (according to studies). 

Are you ready to rock your world?

Step 1: Stop Poisoning your Body 
I used to scoff at my aunt who had to have everything "all-natural" and "organic". It was weird and we all rolled our eyes at her. Until I got educated. Now, she is one of my major resources when I'm looking for something with clean ingredients. Why the change?

Our world, our daily household products are loaded with endocrine disruptors and we see the damage right in front of us if we choose to look.

Our young girls are reaching puberty at earlier and earlier ages. The earlier a girl starts menstruating, the higher the risk she's at for developing breast cancer later in life. But instead of stepping back and asking "why is this happening", our medical system just changes their standard to what is considered "normal" and carries on with business as usual as breast cancer rates sore.

Unexplained infertility will effect 1 in 6 couples. Unexplained infertility means, the couple has been unsuccessful at conceiving for a year or more and none of their medical professionals know why. 

The U.S has the most lax regulations in the WORLD on what ingredients companies can use in our products. In fact, Johnson & Johnson has been banned from other countries because they do not meet their ingredient safety standards. Yet they are one of our leading brands in the personal care product industry. In our BABY products!

It is disgusting what is allowed in the foods we eat, the products we put on our skin, and chemicals we clean our homes with. Ingredients that are known to cause abnormal cell growth (know anyone with cancer), neurotoxins (what was I coming in here for again?) and ingredients known to mimic estrogen and prevent our body from using its own natural hormones (Likely the reason why you're here).

Experts estimate that we are exposed to more of these hormone disrupting toxins in a year, than those born before the 1950's had been exposed to in their whole lifetime. 

Being mindful of what we put in and on our bodies is one small step that makes a WORLD of difference to your health. Choose wisely.

Step 2: Flood the Body with Nutrients
Our body is wonderfully made to heal itself given the right tools. Unfortunately, our food is actually showing up to have nearly half of the nutrients it used to due to depleted soils and the way our food is transported from so far. The sheer volume of fruits and vegetables we need to eat to achieve healing is not really sustainable for most.

It is really important to supplement your diet with a GOOD QUALITY nutritional supplement routine. BUT, buyer beware. The nutritional supplement world is a wild west show with little-to-no regulation. Many random studies have found that nearly 70% of the supplements found on store shelves were not properly labeled for what was in the bottle, some containing dangerous allergens, and even zero amount of the nutrient it was labeled for. The average one-a-day multivitamin is not even broken up by the body to be used, so you are literally flushing your money down the toilet.

Find a trusted brand of supplements that come from whole-food sources, uses synergistic formulations, and the most bio-available form of ingredients for proper assimilation. 
Supplement your healthy diet with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, natural sulfur (MSM), healthy Omega-3's, antioxidants, and probiotics, so your body has all the tools it needs to function optimally.

Step 3: Reduce Stress
Utilizing steps 1 and 2 will already take a significant amount of physical stress off your body, but your mental and emotional state of mind also has a direct effect on your physical health.

Studies show that meditating just 5 minutes a day had a significant effect on improving ones physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

My favorite routine to quiet the mind is to load a diffuser with whatever essential oils I'm in the mood for and just sit in silence or prayer. If I have a "busy brain", I'll go ahead and journal out my thoughts and just download it all to paper. 

Whatever it is you like to do, be it go for a run, read a book, take a bath, whatever...take some time to quiet the mind and relax the body. We need harmony in our world to have harmony in our cycles.

Here's a bonus pro tip for you:

Track your cycles.

Don't just track bleed-to-bleed and let a phone app do it all for you. I mean REALLY track your signs of fertility and use a scientific method to confirm whether you are actually ovulating each cycle. A woman's menstrual cycle is her 5th vital sign. Charting your daily signs of fertility can not only give you a natural means of avoiding or achieving pregnancy, but it can also help you detect when something may need medical investigation AND help you track hormone patterns as well. It is the compass for you on this journey.
That's it! 3 simple steps for better cycles (plus one bonus tip);
1. Reduce your exposure to toxins
2. Give the body the nutrition it needs to function
3. Reduce stress.

Remember what I mentioned about finding a trusted brand of nutritional supplement? Lucky for you, I’ve been down this road already. I've done the research and I've got a source I trust—AND they’ve got all the goods you'll need for all 3 steps to better cycles. You can find it all right HERE.