Jackie Schmaltz
 Sweet Success 
...as part of your daily routine? Yes, please!
 Feel motivated and driven to move forward with conviction as you attract abundance in love, health, success, and family. 
Only YOU can set the intention!



Apply 1 drop to the wrist, and hold your wrists together for a moment as you see yourself already being in possession of your goal.

Inhale deeply to keep your focus and intention in clear sight feeling invigoration towards the future



 Apply 1 drop over your heart to welcome more gratitude into your life
Idaho Grand Fir

Apply to the bottom of the feet so that you can stand tall and convicted as you move forward in the direction of your goals and dream



Apply just a drop, or two above the navel, to the solar plexus to wake up and recharge your emotional center

Uses Of Essential Oils




Why Young Living?

Not all oils are created equal. Found out why!

Information courtesy of Jackie Schmaltz