How do I know if my lymphatic system is clogged...and how to fix it.
Could a congested lymphatic system be contributing to your health problems?

Probably. But, read on to see for yourself. 

Your lymphatic system is like the underground sewage system that collects everything that the skin absorbs and sends it into the bloodstream where it eventually ends up in the liver. The lymphatic system also sweeps up any metabolic waste, dead cells, and excess fluid from your organs.

If the lymphatic system is clogged, then the organs and parts of the body that normally dump their waste into it become backed up too. I.e. Your gut and liver.

When working correctly, the lymphatic system directs white blood cells to germs and other invaders to help you fight off infection. When it is congested it has the opposite effect, sending the viruses and bacteria into the blood stream and putting you at greater risk for infection.

There are several tell tale signs that lymphatic fluid is not moving effectively and that toxins are building up in your body:
Cycle-related complaints• Swelling in your fingers/rings fitting more tightly
Brain fog
Digestive issues
Sinus infections
Skin problems/dry and or itchy skin
Enlarged lymph nodes
Chronic fatigue
Feeling sore or stiff when you wake up in the morning
 Unexplained injuries
Excess weight
Cold hands and feet
Worsened allergies
Food sensitivities
Increased colds and flu
How many of these signs can you relate to? See why it is important to cleanse?!

I’m doing this challenge starting May 15th for myself to see if I can remedy my underarm odor and improve gut health, among other things listed above.  Wanna join me?

We have an incredible group for all the details led by a friend that’s an RN and literally an expert on all things lymphatic system. There will be videos and posts with exactly what to do. We will hold your hand through the whole process.

The results from this challenge never cease to amaze me!

Get in on the greatness HERE.

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