Seasonal Allergy Support That Won't Mess Up Your Charting
It’s that time of year again when nearly 8% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies.

But, did you know that typical anti-histamine and decongestants used for allergy relief have the potential to alter your cervical mucus sign? (study)

Makes sense when you think of the functionality of things. Mucus cells are mucus cells whether they are in your nose or in your vagina. Allergy meds are designed to sooth the runny nose by drying up the mucus or thinning it for more efficient drainage, why wouldn't it effect "down there" too? 

But fear not! Your trusted instructor has some tips to guide you. :)

First I need to point out there has been no documented CURE for allergies, only symptoms support, and of course, that I am not a doctor and you should seek care from one as necessary. This info is for the sole purposes of educating you and is not medical advice.

Now that we got that out of the way and we're best friends, let's talk about why you're reading this.

Natural ways to find relief that won't mess with your chart.

First, a combo of essential oils that is a favorite among essential oil lovers. Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint. It is known as the “LLP Bomb”.

You can diffuse this combo, make a roller of it and apply to chest and sinuses, or put it in a capsule to take internally. 

Let’s break down the function of the oils shall we?
Lavender has been shown in studies to be a natural histamine inhibitor. 
Lemon and other citrus oils have been shown to liquefy and thin mucus to support drainage.  
Peppermint has been shown to relax smooth muscle tissue, which results in opening of airways and relaxes a heavy chest. 

If more inflammatory support is needed adding Copaiba to this combination is a great idea!

Internal Support!
Did you know allergies are not a normal response in a healthy human? While there are a wide array of causes to allergies like vaccinations and environmental exposures, many of the root causes for people are simply lack of enzymes, vitamins, and/or minerals. Since these are things we CAN control…let’s talk about them.

Dr. LeAnne and David Deardeuff observed that 90% of their patients relieved their allergy symptoms by doing their liver cleanse protocol. 

Many allergy sufferers report a significant difference in the severity of their symptoms after including Sulfurzyme™ into their daily routine. This is a good idea anyway, you can check out why here. But the relief in allergy symptoms is likely due to the anti-inflammatory effects of MSM and Ningxia Wolfberry, which are the main ingredients in Sulfurzyme™. Turbo charge this with this Red Drink Recipe, and you’ve got a great tasting way to support your whole body health AND find relief from those sniffles.

Enzymes. The link to supplementing enzymes for allergy relief comes from gut health and healing leaky gut. Leaky gut is well-known to be the root cause of many allergies. So logically, a focus on gut health would be beneficial to the seasonal allergy sufferer. I have an entire blog or video on what I’ve done to improve gut health. I’ve also got an entire program focused on gut health if you’re really serious about healing the core of your entire health foundation.

But a simple place to start with would just be including Allerzyme™ to your routine. The capsules are really small, and if you are unable to swallow capsules you can break them open and mix it in a smoothie or yogurt or a spoonful of raw honey.

You can grab all of these supplies HERE

Did you know that you can also reduce allergy symptoms over time by reducing toxin exposure from cleaners, personal care products, cosmetics and skincare, anything with fragrance, processed foods, etc? 

That's what we are all about over in the Swap It Savvy Community FB group or Swap It Savvy on Instagram, so pop into those if you'd like and good luck navigating this allergy season! I am always here if you need some guidance.  
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