Got Period Problems?
Got period problems?

Chronic inflammation could be the main reason for your period problems…or any cycle-related fertility issues you’re experiencing.

Inflammation distorts hormonal communication. If you’ve taken my cycle tracking course you know there is a delicate communication process between the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries, and cervix that needs to go smoothly for successful ovulation…..which equals happy periods and regular cycles.

Chronic inflammation blocks hormone receptors; these are the holes in the cell that accept the proper molecules of nutrients like a key in a lock. If the receptor for estrogen or progesterone, or whatever, is blocked, the hormone cannot enter the cell and do its job. It is then left wandering in the blood stream where the hypothalamus will read its presence and not call for more, yet the cell never got it, so it will ask for more and be denied, and now we have a hormonal mess.

Chronic inflammation impairs estrogen metabolism….how estrogen is created, used, and eliminated. We need this process to go smoothly so we have estrogen available when we need it (for ovulation) and the used up estrogen is eliminated properly to keep the hormonal harmony on point. Cancer cells feed on estrogen, so we don’t want that stuff just hanging out willy nilly…ya know what I mean?

 Chronic inflammation prevents ovulation which prevents the production of progesterone, which can cause a host of issues such as heavy periods, infertility, miscarriage, depression, low libido, etc. It is our happy hormone.  And when we are low in progesterone, we get into a state of estrogen dominance which leads to even more disaster such as acne, weight gain, irritability, mid-cycle bleeding, etc.  

Your body sees inflammation as a stressor, and when stress is present, your cycles go wonky.

How do you know if you have chronic inflammation?
Look for signs such as headaches, joint pain and body aches, fatigue, brain fog, chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Chronic inflammation is something that occurs just by the body living….like car exhaust happens just from the motor running. It could also be the result of…
  • Stress - cortisol and adrenaline leave behind lots of car exhaust.
  • Insulin resistance - which we all have a degree of just by the way most of us eat. If you’re not actively aware of your blood sugar levels and your carb/sugar intake, you’re creating a lot of extra inflammation from the roller coastering blood glucose levels and insulin throughout your day.
  • Infection - It is normal and necessary to have an inflammatory response to an acute’s how the body heals, right? But, if you’ve got chronic infections happening, you’ve got a lot more chronic inflammation happening too. You’ll need more help clearing that out.
  • Environmental toxins - not just a factor for those who work in high fumes or hazardous work zones. The air quality in the average home is 7 times worse than the average factory or workplace air. This is due to the obscene amounts of fragrant products we use such as scented candles and sprays, perfumes, laundry products, soaps, lotions, face creams, hair products, cleaners, etc. The list is pretty long. Take inventory of how many products you have in your home that contain fragrance in them and you have a definitive source of inflammation.
  • Digestive problems - the gut is the core or hub of the body. If it’s sick, so is the rest of you. Most everyone has leaky gut issues and/or inefficient elimination…aka constipation for those who won’t acknowledge they are indeed constipated….. to some extent. Every single diagnoses involving the gut is leaking toxins into the bloodstream creating a nonstop inflammatory response that will manifest into countless other symptoms such as skin issues, cycle problems, heart issues, arthritis issues, literally EV…ER…Y….THIIIING you go see a doctor for.
Are you surprised by any of these? Tell me if you’re surprised!  

So what do we do?
Your strategy is to address the underlying cause of all your problems….chronic inflammation, and teach your body how to flush it out on a regular basis…without pharmaceutical drugs.

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