Don't let winter get you down, work from home and earn extra income
Winter hasn’t even officially started yet and here we are just 3 inches shy of our annual snow fall, all snow days have been used up, and we are once again a 2-hour late start for school (because all of our snow days have been used).  It’s been a great reminder to me of one of the main reasons I became my own boss, working my online business from home. Time freedom.

My heart goes out to the families who are left scrambling to make arrangements for their kids to accommodate this schedule change, to those who have no more sick pay or PTO to use. My prayers for the children who are unknowingly placed in unsafe situations (all the stories of child abuse by neighbors and such flooding my heart).

The motivation for my mission is strong today. My mission of helping other moms like me earn extra income online. To show them how to do what I do, so they too can have the time freedom of being there for their kids on a whim; watching every practice, game, and performance. Spending summer days at the pool or the lake or riding horse. Doing what we want. Our mantra is “see what we see, find what we find” and we love it.

Living this carefree lifestyle is only possible when the burden of being able to pay the bills and feed the family has been lifted. In these times living on a single income is becoming harder and harder.

My goal was always to remain financially independent from my husband in case something were to ever happen to him or his income, we could still live our carefree lifestyle and now I’m paying it forward by showing others how they too can fill in that financial gap without sacrificing their family and their time.

It starts with figuring out what you have to offer the world, and before you say “I have no skills and nothing to offer” I’m going to stop you because everyone has something to offer the world. You were created for a purpose, now let’s find that purpose.

I’d like to gift you this free workshop to help you find that purpose, and then invite you into my community of other moms making money from home to help you learn the system of how to turn your gifts into a purpose-driven online business so you too can live life with time freedom.

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See you in there friend. It's time for change. 
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