It doesn’t matter what business you’re in…. you MUST understand these 3 things about your customer....

They are the Person, their Problem, their Passion.

All of which require you to understand their WHY’s before doing anything else.

Once you identify the why’s… their reasons… you can now relate and create an experience for your customer that literally speaks to them about purchasing your product, so you can start selling products that your customer actually wants, moving them down the path to what they NEED.

Allow me to explain deeper.

Having the mentality of “my product/service is for everyone” is a sure-fire way to stay stuck and speak to absolutely no one. You must drill down to a specific person when you write your message. How do you know who your person is? You could do a bunch of research that takes time, but if you follow my way of doing things your person is essentially you….that is, who you were back when you had the problem you are trying to solve for your person. When you build your business around a personal brand that is yourself, instead of building it around a business brand or product… it makes EVERYTHING easier…AND….you will attract people that are more inclined to like you. (In case you didn’t know, people like people who are like them).

You must identify a problem your person has that you can solve and create your content around it. The bigger the problem, the more success you are likely to have in getting the attention of your audience. This is why the 3 big markets are health, finances, and relationship and everything else is sub-market. Most people are struggling to some degree in each of these areas, and they are usually the cause of a lot of life’s stress. What is the problem your product/service can solve for someone in each of these 3 markets? What are the symptoms of this problem? What feelings does this problem create for your person?

What is your person passionate about? You see passion when a person sits up straight, they get that sparkle in their eyes and a smile on their face. They speak with emotion.  What is important to your customer? What passions are being suppressed or affected by the problem they have? What does life look like for them when the problem is solved? How do they feel in that moment?

The details to everyone’s “why” are different, but we can usually pin it down to one major motivator….FREEDOM. Dig in to these questions. Journal them out until you really understand and resonate with your person. This is when you begin to think like them, act like them, and speak the way they speak. This is what will make them say, “you are speaking right to me!” which leads to….”I want to learn from you.” Or “I need that!” Without you having to embarrass yourself in a salesy email or direct message that serves no one.

The key to success lies in selecting one specific person as your focus when crafting your message. Being aware of who your person is, what their problem is, and what makes them passionate are three key elements to show your person exactly how your product or service is just the thing they’ve been looking for so they can make a move towards their form of FREEDOM.

I hope this sparked some “food for thought” for you. If you’re interested in more tips about how to make money from home as a mom, consider joining our community to get access to valuable resources and advice from other experienced entrepreneurs! I speak on these things quite frequently in there because they are typically that “IT THING” most people are missing in their marketing efforts. I created this community because I strongly believe that empowered women, empower women, but every other entrepreneurial group I’ve joined is nothing but a bunch of lions waiting to pounce on their prey with DM’s and fake friend requests.  My group is truly a hang out place for other moms trying to create and/or run a business from home. Come hang out with us!

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