There is a health crisis in our world that no one is talking about., yet it is effecting everyone. Doctors won't address it. It shows up on test results as things like auto-immune diseases, cancer, all of these different things that we get medicated for, even mental health problems. But the thing it actually is then doesn't get addressed by these medications and so you stay stuck in a sickness funk and become a lifelong customer to the medical world.

This thing is parasites. Before you scroll on because you think it can't be your issue, I urge you friend......keep reading.

I know....We get super icked out by the thought of parasites, so we don't want to think about it, we definitely don't want to talk about it. Most of us are like, "ewe! not me! I can't have THAT! NOPE!" and so we dismiss it and move on, keeping ourselves stuck in dis-ease. 

But here's the thing, astonishingly, research shows that one in three people may be infected with a microscopic parasite that could be causing your problems. Science is actually finding that some conditions of depression and anxiety are actually caused by these parasites (1).  Toxoplasma gondii found in cats being one of them (2), and you can't just test for it in your stool because it lives in your BRAIN. 

Parasites cause inflammation and chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of all bad things that happen to our body. They could be the cause of your weight gain as they steal the nutrients from your food, leaving your body needing more.

Now, these little nasties don't just stick to you like a sucker fish. No they EAT you. Think of all the conditions connected to leaky gut (auto-immunes being most common). The lining is not only compromised by inflammation, but it is made weak by the parasites living in it....feeding on it. (3)

Parasites not only steal your nutrients, they eat the nutrients and leave you with the garbage left over. These toxins trigger more inflammation leaving you with issues such as sleeping irregularities, skin irritation, mood changes, and muscle pain. These toxins could even cause anxiety, which tends to manifest itself in irregular sleeping patterns or teeth grinding. You may also experience mood swings or skin irritation when these toxins interact with the neurotransmitters or blood cells in your body.

Ever have little bumps on the back of your arms? This can be an indication of having at least 5 different parasites in you. (4)

Do I have your attention now?  Good. Now lets GET THEM OUT! 

Now before you go off and Google the best parasite killer for humans or worse, dose yourself with horse wormer., there's a right way to do a parasite cleanse and a wrong way. If you do it the wrong way, you'll kill the little buggars off, but they will just sit and rot in you. We need to have certain binders and a way out for them or you could cause yourself even more illness problems. So let's just all agree to do this the right way so we can be SAFE and HEALTHY through the process.

Now I'm sure you're like, "ok, this is the part where she sells me her expensive program." 
NOPE! That's not how I roll. 

I do have a program to help you safely eliminate parasites, but I don't charge you for it.  I will walk you through it for FREE. You'll just need to get the stuff to do it, obviously. 

If you want to know how to get the gruesome little parasites out of your body in a SAFE and EFFECTIVE manner, using my help for free, jump in the Swap It Savvy group and post, "I want parasites GONE!" and we'll get you going. 

Friends, let's get the creepy crawlies out! 

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