How to Drink More Water: without having to pee constantly or feel water logged
Most people find it challenging to stay hydrated and enjoy drinking water. I used to be one of them, and I’m here to help you discover easy and enjoyable ways to make drinking more water a breeze. Say goodbye to the discomfort of feeling bloated and waterlogged. Ditch the inconvenience, and say hello to a refreshing and delightful water-drinking experience that won’t have you running to the bathroom every 5 minutes either.

What Is Enough Water?
When I say I used to find it challenging to drink water…I mean it. They say, "Drink 8 glasses of water a day." But I was drinking about 12oz in a week. Is 8 glasses the magic number for everyone anyway? How big are the glasses supposed to be?

We need to recognize that each body is uniquely beautiful and has individual needs. Factors such as your activity level, environment, and overall health dictate your water requirements. As well, how much other fluids you drink. Here is the best “rule of thumb”; take your body weight in pounds and divide that in half. That’s how many ounces you should be drinking. Now add in double for any caffeine, juice, or alcoholic beverages you consume.

So if you’re a 120 pound female like myself, your target goal would be 60oz of water a day. Now, I like a little coffee in the morning; about 5.5 oz of that, so double 5.5 to get 11. Add 11 to my 60 and I now need to drink 71 oz of water in my day.

Some fruits and vegetables like cucumbers and watermelon can contribute to your water goal, but mostly you need to be just drinking straight up water. Herbal teas also qualify if they are caffeine free. Caffeine, sugar, and alcohol use more water to process than what is gained, so consuming them means more water is necessary for you to stay hydrated.

Why Drinking Enough Water Is Vital for Health
I can't stress enough how essential water is for your well-being. And I'm talking about your whole well-being—body, mind, and spirit. From flushing out toxins and inflammation to facilitating nutrient absorption, water is at the heart of every cellular conversation happening in your body. It's what keeps the rhythm of life dancing smoothly. How smoothly do you think that rhythm rolls with sludgy thick blood versus the lubricated functioning of a well hydrated system? Drink your water.

Tips for Drinking More Water
Too busy to remember to sip? Try setting gentle reminders on your phone or nudging your memory with a colorful water bottle that brings you joy. Sipping water can be a delight, reinforcing positive hydration habits without feeling like a chore. LISTEN to your body. By the time you experience thirst, you are already dehydrated, and sometimes hunger or munchies are a cry for water. Grab a drink before you go for the snacks.

Now let's talk taste. Good water tastes better, so find water you like and drink that.  Some people like adding fruits and herbs to their water. I don’t, but this also leaches nutrition from those healthy options so is definitely a good thing to try. I prefer adding in essential oils that are approved for dietary supplementation like THESE. Or mixing up a mocktail with my favorite anti-oxidant superfood juice for extra health benefits and energy.

Electrolytes and Minerals: Your Hydration Enhancers
Now let’s address those frequent bathroom issues. Do you sometimes drink water and still feel thirsty? It might be time to look beyond quantity and focus on quality. Enhancing water with minerals and electrolytes isn't just for athletes; it's for anyone seeking deep, lasting hydration. These hydration helpers ensure that the water you drink goes to all the right places, nurturing your cells without overwhelming your system. Water follows salt, so if you want the water to get to your cells…which you do, give it a carrier of electrolytes. There is lots of cool science about electrolytes and nerve communication and stuff too. My only caution is most electrolyte options come with artificial dyes or flavors, or sugars, or other subpar ingredients, so read your labels and choose a clean option. I like these Vitality Drops because they are clean, effective and taste really good. For extra minerals I use an ionized mineral supplement, but this has a strong unpleasant flavor so I mix it with the anti-oxidant juice I mentioned earlier and a squirt of the electrolytes and it’s YUM.

If Water Zips Through You Too Fast
Here's some loving advice: Listen to your body. If despite your best efforts, drinking water still leads to frequent bathroom breaks, consider a gentle colon scrub; not a cleanse, a SCRUB. This isn't a quick fix but a step towards tuning in to your body's needs and looking after your digestive well-being. You see, in our love of things made with white flower, our gut lining becomes caked with the glue-like gunk (think papier mache’) as well as putrefied foods that hang around too long from a sluggish colon. If gas, bloat, and constipation are a issue for you, despite drinking enough water, this could be your problem. I invite you to explore this more HERE.

Transformation Awaits You
I see you, working hard to take care of yourself while juggling life's demands. You don't need superhuman powers to conquer hydration; you need tender support and true breakthroughs with someone who’s been there.

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You’ve got this!
XO Jackie

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